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Western Astrology



Many Astrologers break the sun sign placements into 12 periods and 12 signs only but here at Ascendant Astrology when describing the personalities within the signs we believe that it is more accurate to look at 48 periods. These periods are broken up into Cusps and 3 periods or decans within each sign. Looking at each sign by periods will vary the personality within the sign. For Example all Sagittarians are not the same. There are Sagittarius I's, II's, and III's as well as those that fall on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp or the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp all of which have different individualized traits. You can read these traits below.

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Aries I (March 25th -April 2nd)
Aries I people often display childlike characteristics. They tend to be open, frank and energetic. They exhibit spontaneity and liveliness. They are often criticized for being naïve and superficial. They do not respond well to confrontation or criticism, feeling that it is a personal attack or affront towards them. Aries I's are stubborn in their beliefs and don't believe in compromise. They cannot tolerate being around people they don't respect. They have a really hard time getting along with people on a mundane day-to-day level. Regardless, they have amazing prowess, and charm on a social level and are very likeable.

Aries II (April 3rd-10th)
Aries II's are distinctly success-oriented. There way of making it in society generally involves attracting attention. They also have the strength and fortitude to proceed in developing their projects if noticed or not. Aries II's have a tendency to exaggerate their own importance. Once people become aware of their strength of character and interesting personality, they often develop a following that adores or even worships them. Aries II's do not operate on a direct emotional level and can lack empathy or sympathy towards others. They can often be quite aloof and hard to get to know intimately.

Aries III (April 11th-18th)
Aries III's usually are involved in social issues. They aren't as self involved as other Aries they are more concerned with the rules that govern social interaction and politics. They have a pioneering spirit and are born leaders. Aries III's display great faith in the belief that human thought has the power to transform the world. The force of their personality can inspire others to follow them. Sometimes they aren't in touch with what others actually want and can ostracize those they would like to help; or they can fall victim to unscrupulous people who pretend to see their vision in order to use them.

Aries-Taurus Cusp (April 19-24)
The people born on this cusp are dominant personalities who are all about Power. They are capable of impacting on their environment with great force and exerting control over those around them. They are highly strategic in thought and action and at times will show a disturbing lack in emotional sensitivity. A-T cusp people need autonomy to thrive and can become very uncomfortable if they are compelled to submit to another's authority. Whether they choose to be leaders or not they will achieve solid results in whatever life path they choose, building wealth or setting up and running a family.

Taurus I (April 25th - May 2nd)
Taurus I people are hard- headed pragmatist. These people exhibit the stubbornness that many recognize in this sign. They avoid complication and will resist anything they feel is a waste energy. They focus on the physical aspects of life mostly. Building a comfortable and beautiful home, engaging in sports and recreational activities and enjoying the pleasures of table and bed. They excel in the maintenance of things. Taurus I's tend to be fairly agreeable but they show a different side to those they believe to be troublemakers. Also they can be really moody when things aren't going well.

Taurus II (May 3rd -10th)
Taurus II's are movers and shakers; they tend to impact heavily on the lives of others. They are concerned with the development and transmission of ideas and techniques. No matter what their walk of life they feel they have a message to share. So it is extremely important to them to have someone that will listen be it one person or a thousand. Taurus II's make many keen observations and often lead by example to demonstrate what they know. They value their privacy very highly and often have a dual need to lead others but also keep distance between them. They abhor unexpected intrusions.

Taurus III (May 11th-18th)
Taurus III's are free spirits. They are highly sensitive individuals who need to express themselves without fear of censure. They value simple, direct means of communication highly. Mostly people see them as having a natural grace. Taurus III's can suffer deeply when faced with criticism, ostracism or discouraging attitudes. Many will fight back and rebel when faced with these energies displaying buoyant personalities and dramatic flair to hide their insecurities. Others become really depressed and neurotic. Problems arise mostly when they cannot or will not conform to societal norms.

Taurus-Gemini Cusp (May 19th-24th)
People born on the T-G cusp are like eternal adolescents. They operate at a frenetic pace. They are energetic, convincing, and prolific. Whatever it is they like to do, they really, really like it and like to do it a lot jumping from one fascinating activity to another. They also love to talk about what is going on around them. They thrive on active verbal exchange and are usually very talented at it. In groups, they tend to do all the talking. T-G's seem to lack an emotional sensitivity. They can get hung up on emotional matters, mulling them over excessively, but at the same time seem rather cool and detached.

Gemini I (May 25th –June 2nd)
Gemini I's believe in Freedom of action and thought. They are fighters who stand up for what they believe in. They not only wish to protect those that are disenfranchised or downtrodden but to liberate them from their oppressors. They tend to be aggressive types. They have great hand eye coordination and very well developed technical abilities. They are skillful in all sorts of crafts and artistic pursuits. They tend to move quickly from one project to another and leave a lot of things they start unfinished. Without discipline Gemini I's will indulge in all sorts of erratic behavior and get into a lot of trouble.

Gemini II (June 3rd-10th)
Gemini II's are expressive and they strive to be original. They love debate and discussion and are not above using their seductive powers and charm to win out over the opposition. Body language can be a powerful and evocative way to communicate for them. Capable of biting, wit, irony and sarcasm, most born on this day know how to hurt and rub it in. They have a fear of being inadequate, looking foolish or somehow failing others, so they tend to be hard on themselves. The worst thing for them is being ignored misunderstood or not taken seriously. Winning is a high priority for them.

Gemini III (June 11th-18th)
Life is rarely dull with a Gemini III around. Always on the go, they keep other's guessing. They jump from one person, project, interest, to the next. They have a deep to desire to remain unattached and free to progress in whatever direction they desire. They revel in physical activities and are quite adventuresome in Spirit. They have a gift of bringing together conflicting points of views and personalities and using their charm to keep everyone happy. Unfortunately, Gemini III's have a hard time seeing reality for what it is pretending everything is just fine, ignoring major problems until they become catastrophic.

Gemini-Cancer Cusp (June 19th-24th)
G-C cuspers are inspired individuals. They have a highly devotional streak which can be focused toward their loved ones, an occupation or a cause. Their egos are usually put in the service of a higher power or something they can commit to. C-G's come across as profound and thoughtful. They have a radiance deep within. They are emotional people that can find inspiration in the most ordinary of everyday activities. They are drawn to ecstatic experiences. They come alive when love and romance are allowed to bloom. They must guard against repressing their feelings or allowing destructive emotions to control them.

Cancer I (June 25th -July 2nd)
Cancer I's are clever in getting their way because they understand the needs and motivations of others. They are amazing at sales because they have an inherent mastery of human psychology. They can be surprisingly successful in the world of business and impressively adept at handling money. Cancer I's can be a bit defensive. They tend to have issues with intense emotions because they are so sensitive. They also tend to have a complex inner emotional world that can at times be torture for them; sending them into depression, alternating to aggression, which can turn to random outbursts of anger.

Cancer II (July 3rd -10th)
Cancer II's tend to live a double life. They are not always who they seem to be. There is an unusual even bizarre fantasy life that lurks below the surface. They are very much in touch with their subconscious. They are drawn to the unusual, the eccentric and idiosyncratic. They enjoy observing, discussing human behavior and the wondrous aspects of nature and art. Cancer II's can be very charismatic and have a way of capturing the imagination of others. Even shining light on hidden thoughts people hold but dare not express. They have a need to share their secret mind with someone lest they feel rejected.

Cancer III (July 11th-18th)
Cancer III's are powerful manipulators of their environment. They are highly empathic. They get people to do what they want. They often have great drive and determination. They are strong personalities that tend to persuade people by their presence alone, though they are skillful at debate and forming arguments. Cancer III's are not shy about quietly and effectively applying pressure to manipulate the feelings of others. They believe they know what's right for people. They will seduce, charm and convince everyone that their actions come from good intentions.

Cancer-Leo Cusp (July 19th-25th)
People born on this cusp tend to have rather volatile personalities that can quickly swing from one extreme to the other. They can be shy and sensitive one moment then dynamic and active the next. They tend to be mostly vibrant, energetic, exciting individuals who feel the need to seek out challenges and overcome them. C-L's have a deep-seated insecurity that is dealt with by having others know that they have accomplished or mastered things. They have a hard time staying in the moment or being still. They are constantly busy mentally, physically and emotionally. In this state they are overly talkative.

Leo I (July 26th -August 2nd)
Leo I's are among the most powerfully authoritative of the whole year. It is not the act of commanding others that appeals to them but of asserting themselves and being taken seriously. Much of their energy is channeled inward toward developing their own strengths and abilities. Leo I's outlook is usually forceful and positive. They are often placed in positions where they are called upon to make decisions for others. They are upwardly mobile in their orientation and can handle very challenging demands. Straight-forward and positive, they tend not to understand moodiness or negativity in others.

Leo II's (August 3rd-10th)
Leo II's are extraordinarily faithful people. They see themselves as protectors of the weak and champions of the downtrodden. They despise exclusion and condescension and usually side with the common person. They are proud of their strength and tenacity and enjoy putting it to the test. They gravitate toward challenging activities that hold an element of risk or danger. These Leo's are able to take command but many prefer to remain independent. They desire the freedom to act on their own to build a well-defined life in which they exert maximum power with minimum fuss. They can be stubborn and have bursts of anger.

Leo III (August 11th-18th)
Leo III's are born leaders. They are either interested in being rulers and exerting full power over others. Leading through their ideas, ethics or by example, they often find themselves working for some high ideal or service. They have an abundance of self confidence and can tend to be grand. Leo III's demand a great deal of understanding from their friends and partners. They are deep and emotionally complex. They have volcanic, explosive energies and can unpredictably explode into anger, rage, or even violence. They can be quite intense. Most are very passionate and sexually magnetic.

Leo-Virgo Cusp (August 19th-25th)
L-V cuspers are the masters of effect, knowing when to keep silent and when to speak. They are highly secretive individuals, even if some come across as extroverts. They like to conceal information and reveal it in the most effective manner possible. This pattern can be used as techniques or weapons to achieve their ends in a very a subtle and dramatic way. L-V's can often be somewhat out of touch with their own deeper emotions and those of others. Because they hide so much of themselves, they often feel like they aren't seen for who they really are and can be prone to denial.

Virgo I (August 26th –September 2nd)
Virgo I's are straightforward and direct. They love to elaborate ideas, schemes and systems of thought through speech and writing. They are blessed with amazing leadership abilities. They usually understand how to reduce tasks to a system or overcome technical obstacles. They tend to prefer to work as member of a team and to be of practical service to a group or cause. They are great partners, co-workers, and business associates. Though they come across as isolated or lonely, they make excellent friends who may serve as a haven in times of distress. They can often be very opinionated and close-minded at times.

Virgo II (September 3rd-10th)
The power of the intellect figures prominently in the Virgo II personality. They use their minds well in a variety of scientific, technical and practical activities, and achieve a high level of expertise. They are very critical and demanding of others as well as themselves. They are particular in their personal dealings and may not be so accepting of people. They have a paradoxical and often mysterious nature that is hard to pinpoint. Virgo I's are the most physically attractive of the year, even if they are not blessed with good looks they usually succeed in making themselves appealing to others.

Virgo III (September 11th-13th)
These self-confident highly discriminating people are not shy about demanding what they need for themselves. They are almost ruthless in implementing their ideas. They specialize in being able to bring the full power of their thought processes to bear on the situation at hand. Virgo III's take things literally and do not demonstrate the greatest sympathy for the plight of others. They despise self-pity. But they reserve their fiercest scorn for those who have betrayed them or sabotaged their plans. They might not seek revenge but they will ignore the culprit forever. Many are obsessively neat and orderly.

Virgo-Libra Cusp (Sept 19th-24th)
Those born on his cusp are taken up with the pursuit of beauty and sensuousness. They are polite, charming, attractive, and devoted. They try to be as fair as possible. They are drawn to attractive people and they have a desire to make themselves, their family members, or their living spaces more aesthetically appealing. V-L's can be nervous types constantly worrying about how things appear, hiding the unpleasantness that happens behind closed doors. They can also be fussy, critical, indecisive and very hard to please. They can be aloof, lack self-confidence, and be easily influenced.

Libra I (September 25th –October 2nd)
Libra I's are among the most talented and good-looking people of the whole year. When they are happy they can be quite genuine, supportive and kind. They are extreme perfectionists and have a very high code of honor. They may come across as detached or cool but there are all sorts of complicated feelings happening beneath the surface. They have very unstable emotions and can explode when angry. Libra I's tend to be very trying, critical and extraordinarily difficult people to live with. Rarely satisfied, they have a deep need to fix people or relationships. They also have a tendency to be workaholics.

Libra II (October 3rd-10th)
Libra II's are fun, vibrant individuals that inspire respect and trust. They feel at home in the world and are blessed with amazing people skills. They are fascinated by the workings of society and are involved in defining the standards, tastes and behaviors for their social circle. They pride themselves on knowing what is in and what is out at the moment in fashion and social customs. Libra II's are extremely outspoken. They have a high sense of justice and fairness, and can react strongly and quite viciously to what appears to be corruption, malice, or indifference to the suffering of others.

Libra III (October 11th -18th)
Libra III's are hard-headed realists with the guts and drive to get ahead. They are not ruthless but extremely persistent. They are consummate role players and are very aware of their image. They are stylish, graceful, gracious, cool, and relaxed. They are highly responsible and skilled at the technical aspects of their pursuits and adept at financial matters as well. They protect their good name with high quality work. Libra III's avoid complex, messy emotional entanglements. They can become very depressed when ignored or rejected. They are very concerned about what others think of them.

Libra-Scorpio Cusp (October 19th-25th)
Libra-Scorpios are ambitious, manipulative, sexy and charming. They are also very critical and sarcastic. Their facile minds and often sharp tongues will mark them as individuals to be reckoned with. If asked their opinions, they give it straight out, holding nothing back. They can be sought out for their honest evaluations but just as well feared or even avoided for their piercing frankness. L-S's have a bit of a wild side and can be drawn to risk and adventure. Once they are committed to a situation they are all in. Though generally self confident, they can be very competitive and jealous of others.

Scorpio I (October 26th-November 2nd)
Scorpio I's are very intense. They use their charm to great effect. They are quite witty and they have an excellent sense of humor, but they are terrible teasers. Sometimes employing taunts devastatingly at another's expense. They can be unmerciful and unrelenting when they want to get under someone's skin. Scorpio I's scorn petty or underhanded actions and despise success achieved by deceit. They are really hard on themselves to achieve and to become successful. They show little interests in making excuses. They can suffer greatly when they make mistakes or something doesn't go their way.

Scorpio II (November 3rd-11th)
Scorpio II's are profound, serious people who are very much in touch with the dark side of life. They are in touch with their deeper thoughts, imaginings, and emotions. They are very skilled at nonverbal communication and can express admiration or affection, as well as disapproval and discontent without needing to speak at all. Scorpio II's must beware of being static and must keep busy, for them static behavior leads to brooding, and brooding leads to depression. They have a hard time dealing with negative emotions, once there they will indulge in addictive behavior especially food or sex.

Scorpio III (November 12th-18th)
Scorpio III's are highly magnetic, sensual, and alluring. They often tend to be the boss or leader whether at home or at work. Their inner stability is usually so great it seems it would take an earthquake to knock them off balance. They have self-control and a realistic assessment of their capabilities. Scorpio III's are usually very in touch with the emotional needs of those they command, and though they can be highly demanding, they can usually impose rules and delegate responsibilities in an objective fashion. Less evolved people in the sign will use others to their own ends rather selfishly and callously.

Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp (November 19th-24th)
This placement is characterized by rebelliousness against authority. S-S's are fearless, flirtatious, playful, competitive, progressive and powerful. To succeed in life they must follow their vision from pure and honest motivations. They usually work best in self-employed pursuits, or in careers with a high degree of autonomy. Giving into their dark sides will make them self-destructive. Many born at this time are prone to wildness, particularly in their youth when they are painfully aware of being unlike other people. They can be extremely possessive, temperamental, vain and unforgiving.

Sagittarius I (November 25th-December 2nd)
Sagittarius I's are very independent, self-reliant people that will not be constrained. They demand the freedom to feel, think and act according to their own code of ethical behavior. Their intuitive sense is highly developed. Many of them are self-taught thinkers who believe that life itself is the great teacher and experience the books and lessons. They ultimately follow the credo that living well is the highest creative activity. They can be very critical and even savagely satiric. They see irony as a much-needed truthfulness to highlight discourse, rather than negative or destructive barbs aimed to harm.

Sagittarius II (December 3rd-10th)
Sagittarius II's are different and not afraid to show it. They are extremely difficult to categorize since each one is so individualistic. They tend to defy established rules of a conduct and social codes, less from rebelliousness, than rather to find a way to do something on their own. They do not care to make excuses for their lifestyle, principles, or personal decisions to anyone. Such individualistic, unconventional and highly original people can experience a large measure of conflict in personal relationships and their careers. They could care less about conformity, compromise, or recognition.

Sagittarius III (December 11th-18th)
Sagittarius III's are high-minded, expansive, powerful, personalities. They may not be big physically, but they convey a weighty presence and are hard to ignore. This may be intimidating to some and very reassuring to others. They have to be careful that they do not bulldoze their way through life. Sagittarius III's must learn to control their tempers. Flying into a rage, or even employing deadly silence, can be very frightening to others. This anger often arises from a fear of inferiority or failure. In fact as strong as they tend to be they often display a curious lack of self-confidence and self esteem.

Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp (December 19th-25th)
Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp people can be quite outgoing and very friendly. They have a great sense of humor. These individuals make astute observations and excellent critiques. They are practical, optimistic, reliable and responsible. They sometimes have the gift of prophecy with an innate talent for sensing the way things should go and bringing them to fruition. S-C's are very intense individuals and can also be quite moody. They understand how to use the power of silence to the best effect, but sometimes their emotions are very explosive. They can be quite impatient and also impulsive.

Capricorn I (December 26th – January 2nd)
Capricorn I's are authoritative personalities that will tend to speak with much assurance even when they are wrong. They are all about ruler ship, laying down the law, and asserting their power. Their willingness to oppose injustice fearlessly and stand up for the rights of the underdog is admirable. Capricorn I's are not the most sentimental people but do believe in tradition. They will support a time tested solution over a make shift one. They also think of themselves as experts in their fields and will not admit that someone could know more than them. They will never back down from an argument.

Capricorn II (January 3rd-9th)
Capricorn II's seem to get their way most of the time. They know how to make the very best of a situation and how to stretch their abilities to the limit. They build and maintain systems that work. They are less concerned with the motives behind the actions than the outcome. Which means at times they could employ unscrupulous or underhanded methods, when dealing with money and power. Such behavior could undermine their moral sensibilities and lead to psychological or sociopathic issues. Capricorn III's need to be aware of power-tripping and make sure that their reality is grounded in fact not illusion.

Capricorn III (January 10th-16th)
Capricorn III people are strongly dominant types. True overachievers, some want to lead others just want power. They tend to rule and direct, finding it difficult to play second fiddle to anyone. They are afraid to be vulnerable or transparent. Many of them are able to carve out a personal niche in life but usually at risk of compromising their ideals or losing touch with their roots. Capricorn III's total focus is on creating security for themselves. They must beware that their need for supremacy doesn't make them the only ruler as well as the only subject. They can end up alone by ostracizing everyone around them.

Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp (January 17th-22nd)
C-A cuspers are anything but dull. They like to be social and love a good intellectual conversation. They have a very vivid dream and fantasy life. They usually have a creative gift and must find an outlet for this energy to be successful. They are hard workers and very innovative and are good at business of any kind. They have a great deal of drive and are talented at earning a living. C-A's do not take to criticism well and must learn not to be discouraged by people who show a lack of imagination, ignorance or negativity. They are most happy when surrounded by people that get them that allow them to express their unique visions.

Aquarius I (January 23rd-30th)
Aquarius If's are precocious, independent, flighty and often quite brilliant. They have quick minds that can easily grasp a concept and use it. Patience is not their strongest suit, so repetitive mundane tasks are out. As children they often have to rebel against disciplinarians who want to reign in there free spirited tendencies. Aquarius I's often inspire adoration or conversely, jealousy from just living their own lives and being themselves. They have a hard time dealing with the complex emotional needs and demands of others. They often feel odd and different from other people and over time become wary of all the attention.

Aquarius II (January 31st-Febuary 7th)
Aquarius II's like it best when things go easily. They have a childishness that is endearing to many. They have natural grace, charm and are quite attractive. They perform their day to day activities with an ease and effortlessness that really impresses others. But what people don't see is all the practice and hard work that goes into creating their flawless techniques. Aquarius II's like to draw attention to themselves, they enjoy adoration and appreciation. They will become despondent or depressed if affection is withdrawn or they are rejected. They abhor messy entanglements, emotional drama, or difficult relationships.

Aquarius III (February 8th-15th)
Aquarius III's are lively colorful individuals who tend to be open minded and positive. They can be seen having fun, cracking jokes, and sharing intimate experiences socially. They are often idea people. They may be visionaries with very strong psychic or empathic senses. They are known for their acceptance of ideas, people, and situations that others would find strange, unappealing or weird. Aquarius III's are extremely sensitive. This makes them prone to quick mood swings in which they can become reactive to slights that are unintentional or wholly imagined. Their anger is explosive.

Aquarius-Pisces Cusp (February 16th-22nd)
Aquisces have a hunger for experience. They are very sensitive, compassionate, and imaginative souls. They tend to be eccentric and offbeat, but they are definitely original. They are naturally psychic, but may hide from it because it makes them feel weird. Aquisces like luxury and because of this they will try to stay in the business world but they have a very hard time staying grounded and focused. In fact personal relations are hard to maintain because they are secretive, impatient, stubborn and quarrelsome. They exaggerate their accomplishments to sell themselves, but edit all of their issues and failures.

Pisces I (February 23rd-March 2nd)
Pisces I's believe in the supremacy of spirit over matter. They have a yearning and zest for the life of ideas, music, art and movement. Many of them have a surprisingly realistic view of life. They tend to devote themselves to a cause, work or family. Pisces I's are holier than thou; know it all individuals who are mostly preoccupied with their own self-importance or the importance of their projects. They believe themselves to be infallible. This attitude tends to alienate, frustrate and even infuriate others. These individuals tend to find themselves isolated and lonely with very few friends to identify with.

Pisces II (March 3rd-10th)
Pisces II's are open, accepting, sensitive, passionate and resilient individuals. They have a very special gift to share with others, which is intimacy. More than any other sign of the year they understand how to express their inner world to others. They usually have a circle of loyal friends who provide them with the social interaction that they need. They tend to be in their own world a lot and spend a lot of time alone. They are very upset and distracted by the endless noise and static of everyday life. More than most, Pisces II's are prone to accidents and disease. And have major peaks and valleys in life.

Pisces III (March 11th-18th)
Pisces III's are usually endowed with unusual psychic and intuitive gifts. They seem to be in touch with special human and universal conditions that are sensed by very few. They have an intense desire to integrate contradictions within their personalities. Coming to terms with the relative and the absolute, objective and subjective, pragmatic and ideal are often life long pursuits. Because of this, Pisces III's can appear a bit flighty or wishy-washy. These people have stormy interiors. They tend to forsake worldly ambitions to follow the higher calling of wrestling with their thoughts and emotions.

Pisces-Aries Cusp (March 19th-24th)
P-A cuspers like to play hard they are energetic and courageous. They are unusually direct in their approach to life. They know what they want and they want it now. Even more they tend to get their way. Their outspokenness can make them alternately admired and disliked. They rarely see anything wrong with their actions and refuse to change their attitude or lifestyle for anyone. They can be very loyal and entertaining friends though. P-A's hate to be analyzed or critiqued in fact it is painful for them. Feeling self-conscious makes them angry. When the world doesn't revolve around them they can get depressed.

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