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A love horoscope describes what type of a person you are and what kind of person will make a perfect partner for you. While you and your partner are still in the dating process, you may not be able to detect his actual behavior and how he will react to particular situations. The danger therefore lies on the fact that you might have differences in how you handle situations which may cause a gap in your relationship in the future. Reading your love compatibility horoscope will avoid you from getting into these situations because you will know beforehand how your loved one will respond to particular situations. Conversely, you would also want to learn more about the personality of your partner for more chances of making the relationship work.

Love: The Planet Jupiter starts the year 2015 in the sign of fun loving, romantic and playful Leo. Leo being a fire sign is passionate eager to frolic with a romantic interest. However, Jupiter starts the year retrograde with the asteroid Juno close in tow. Juno is the asteroid of covenant relationships and soulmates and Jupiter of course is the benevolent planet of protection, largesse and luck. In Leo the two retrograde until Spring when as we all know the birds and the bees start mating season. Jupiter has 12 year cycle. It takes twelve years for Jupiter to complete a cycle around the Zodiac. It's a cycle of maturity. These two are telling us that some soulmate relationships are coming together but need more time to mature. In March Juno resumes direct motion and in April Jupiter resumes direct motion along with a total Full Moon eclipse in the sign of Libra many relationships will come together just like the birds and the bees.

Venus the planet of love, beauty and wealth goes retrograde in the early degrees of Virgo and spends the entire month of August retrograde in the sign of Leo before she joins Jupiter in the sign of chastity and virtue, Virgo in September. In 2015, there is the romance you play around with, have fun with and the romance you commit to

Aries: In typical Aries fashion, you throw caution to the wind in matters of the heart. While you tell everyone you are over him or her in 2015, you really have to be. That rebound relationship is now looking troublesome, but on the other hand, his or her complications give you the perfect way out. A new love this year has you taking things slowly; keep it light while you make up your mind. What is the rush anyways? You've rushed into relationships and you've rushed back to the sidelines, still over the next year you'll find your balance with a love that lets you be you.

Taurus: The heavy responsibilities that the prior year has put on your relationships is mind boggling and in the aftermath of Saturn in your solar sector of relationships no doubt you either have a fresh respect for your significant other or you have run far away from him or her. With the tough times over and the pressure of your personal life lessening it's time to have some relationship fun once again and to let yourself feel emotionally towards another. Taurus does so carefully and tests the waters of love with a long distance approach. In 2015 it's "I do or I won't' anymore".

Gemini: The planet Saturn enters your relationships sector and all of a sudden, it gets serious. You could start the year feeling like you are in control of your love life and your lover, then suddenly find opps, no, you are not. A romantic partner surprises you and this year you spend your time wondering does he or she love me or not. Saturn doesn't deny or delay love, it just brings added pressures that some relationships will have to toil through and get through. Money could be the issue that breaks some relationships up this year or ties you to one. If you talk, someone into going duet with you, be ready to tow the line.

Cancer: The sensitive Crab has had to toughen up over the last few years opting sometimes for seclusion or to go it alone. Figuring out who you are, hasn't been an easy task with Pluto in your solar sector of marriage, relationships and significant others. You sometimes have had to be completely immersed in your significant other's life and then sit by quietly by, when they weren't as committed to you. Not liking the way you've been treated, instead of retreating into your silent shell you've sometimes had to come out fighting. After the last and final Uranus-Pluto square take a look around and see who's left standing. It's probably only those who are on your side Cancer and who have stuck with you and all your changes. Relationships continue to be all or nothing in 2015.

Leo: Life has changed for the lion and lioness of the zodiac, Saturn has built your confidence, and you must know by now that you can make it on your own in this big bad world. The good news is that you probably don't have to make it on your own at all as a year of surprises awaits you. You are more willing than ever to let others into your heart and life. Heaven knows that has been a challenge with Saturn constantly telling you not to trust anyone 100%. Everyone wants to be around you in the coming year so just sit back and let all the admirers fall at your feet. You are creative this year and people notice your talents even potential lovers. Leo may fall hard for someone new in 2015.

Virgo: Fate and destiny are strong words used to describe your romantic life in 2015. If you're single and have escaped Neptune's noose of infatuation there's still time. It is complicated for sure in the coming year as two dynamic planets govern your personal life. Luckily, the obsession with your dream boy or girl starts to wane, and you can entertain the many others who will fall at your feet. You may also need to accept that the obsession that someone has had over you, will also start to wane too. This year you are struck by Cupid's arrow hard and may clearly need to call it quits with a current love interest to make room for him or her.

Libra: The planet of sudden change has had plenty to say about your personal life. It runs the gamut; unique artistic types who are here today, gone tomorrow, your current mate or spouse who takes advantage of your weakened emotional state, the one that got away and a slew of younger or older, fly by nights who have briefly entertained you. Is it them or is it you? You are changing and trying to figure out where you fit in and who you are now. This year for sure you'll figure it out and bask in perpetual romantic bliss, eventually. You decide to make it up to someone who has loved you through it all.

Scorpio: The planet of illusion tempts you with fantasies and dreams of being swept off your feet by someone fiscally secure. Will it be just a day dream or will you go after that fantasy figure in the coming year. Eventually, you will get tired of playing it safe, waiting for the perfect one, or the old one to return on bended knee and you will succumb to new love. However, you know, as every other Scorpio out there knows, once you succumb to love, you play for keeps and that's what keeps you one step ahead of Cupid in the coming year.

Sagittarius: On the surface, everyone sees you as the solid one or the solid couple but in your heart, you know things have been far from perfect. The planet of delays, lessons and hardships has made you feel like the underdog more than once. Of course, this has changed things on the romantic front too; you went from being his or her everything to taking a back seat. You will rekindle the loving feeling once your self-confidence kicks in and the planet of delays, lessons and hardships suggests you go solo, separate your finances, and declare your independence. Well, if that doesn't get everyone back on track I don't know what will.

Capricorn: Your strong likes and dislikes continue to make you very fussy in matters of the heart. You'll know your soul connection when you see them, as the planet of personal transformation and deep knowing Pluto continues to trek through your Sun sign. You won't settle for anything less than a complete total commitment and although there will be those who offer you the world to settle for less, why should you. Lucky Capricorn could find their soulmate, significant other and partner this year in a romance of epic proportions.

Aquarius: You can totally stay stuck on a lover, partner and old boyfriend or girlfriend but with the planet of luck in your solar sector of relationships and matrimony, you can also seize the moment with a new love. A God or Goddess waltzes into your life this year, and makes you forget all your heartaches. Aquarius could decide to give up on the ghost of relationships past. If you do, you just might be lucky enough to find someone who equals your passions in and out of the bedroom.

Pisces: The damsel in distress or confused new guy at work routine works. A helpful someone is ready to help you become the boss's new pet, show you around, or at least show you the ropes at work. The blank stare of Pisces works like a charm to bring out all the do-gooders who want to help poor Pisces get back on their feet and steer them towards success. In the end, you give your heart and soul to the one who only has eyes and ears for you. The Fall finds single Pisces committing to a saint.