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Professional Readings By Ascendant Astrology

Ascendant Horoscope

Ascendant Natal Chart and Interpretation - Only $35
This Detailed Astrological report gives a revealing glimpse into your character by analyzing the position of the planets and houses during the time, place and date of your birth.

Ascendant Numerology Chart and Interpretation (Chaldean) - Only $35
This Chaldean numerology report uses an ancient and mystical system that provides you with a deep, detailed understanding of your soul's essence and your personality.



Ascendant Forecast

Ascendant Transit or Progressed Chart and Interpretation
This report offers predictions that are based on aspects formed between the position of the planets at the time, place and date of your birth and the positions of the transiting or progressed planets for a specified time period​.

1 month prediction- $15

3 month prediction- $25

6 month prediction- $35

1 year prediction -$45


Ascendant Solar Return

Ascendant Solar Return Chart and Interpretation - $45
Reading that begins when the sun returns to where it was at the exact time of your birth in relation to your upcoming or recently past birthday to give you a snapshot of your evolution and energies for the year.


Ascendant Lunar Return

Ascendant Lunar Return Chart and Interpretation - $20
This report is calculated for the exact moment that the Moon returns to the same sign-degree-minute where it was at birth... this occurs once a offers predictions on where your energies will be applied and where the sphere of activity is focused for the month.

Ascendant Lunar Return


Ascendant Relationships

Ascendant Synastry Chart and  Interpretation - $45
It evaluates the compatibility between two individuals. It shows where you connect, how the two of you exchange energy, where you are likely to stimulate each other, and where you show common ground. This chart is good to get when you meet someone, when you are dating someone, or when you are wondering if a person would be  good relationship, friendship, partnership, or lover material.

Ascendant Composite Chart and Interpretation - $50
This is a chart to look at the relationship itself once it has been formed. It will illustrate and illuminate the nature and expression of the relationship as a distinct entity from the two individuals forming the relationship. A Composite Chart is for those who have already established a deep connection with someone to help understand the relationship between you and your close friends, lovers, or partners. It's perfect for looking into the underlying dynamics of a marriage.

Ascendant Relationships