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Chinese Zodiac Sign




Everyone loves a rat. Charming, social, and quick- witted, they are generally popular people. They are self-motivated, detail-oriented,

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hard working, imaginative and curious. Rats are extremely perceptive and wise. They focus on the big picture. They have good business acumen and are able to accumulate wealth effortlessly. They can often be found budgeting, bargaining, delegating duties, and organizing. They usually have reserves to survive during economic down times. Negatively, the rat loves to gossip and criticize. He can be self-obsessed, greedy, opportunistic and overly aggressive.


The Ox person is hard working, logical, meticulous, and tenacious, an Ox can be trusted to get the job done. By nature, they can be very stubborn and are methodical, sticking to routines. They can be brooding and moody. Their honest straight forward no nonsense style can make them seem unapproachable and intimidating. But they are often sincere and kind. In the household they are often the disciplinarian, the decision maker, and the rule setter. Oxen are excellent providers. Their heads, rather than their hearts govern their affairs; though in love and friendship, they are intensely loyal creatures.


Tigers are highly romantic, charismatic, and independent. They're also fiercely adventurous, moody, impulsive, and reckless. Tigers live life to the fullest and they do it on their terms. They are very charming and optimistic. They are well liked by others. They feel they are born to lead and always want to be in charge. Tigers are not motivated by money or power, leadership is an inalienable right. Money tends to come easily to them. Although they give their entire energy to whatever challenge catches their attention, they are notoriously unpredictable and unreliable. In love, they are extremely possessive.


Some of the most attractive people in the world are Rabbits. They are classy, sophisticated, expressive, well mannered and stylish. They have discriminating refined taste but Rabbits can be a bit superficial and snobbish. They thrive on fine wine, good food, nice clothes, and stimulating conversation. Kind, considerate and caring, their sound advice and graciousness can move their career up the fast track. But because Rabbits have little self-confidence or self-worth they often miss key opportunities. In love, they can be bullied because they are intimidated by aggression and often back down to avoid conflict.


Dragons are the most fortunate of all the signs. They are dominant, ambitious, driven and unafraid. Dragons are the doers of the world. They take charge and take risks. They're energetic, self-assured, grandiose, and egocentric. They prefer to live by their own rules and if left on their own, are usually successful. Dragons have amazing luck especially with finances. They easily create wealth. Though usually popular, they prefer to be alone. Their preference to be alone can come across as arrogance, aloofness, or conceitedness. They also have huge tempers that can flare up at any time.


Many of the world's most powerful people are Snakes; they are very seductive and materialistic. They prefer to surround themselves with the finest that life has to offer. If they don't create wealth they will marry into it. Snakes are excellent problem- solvers. They are governed by their innate wisdom and intuition. They are intensely philosophical, very creative and extremely diligent. Snakes are also highly skeptical and secretive. They tend to be paranoid, even neurotic. Naturally distrustful and somewhat unforgiving, they become vindictive when hurt. In a relationship they can be very possessive, jealous, and manipulative.


Horses thrive when they're the center of attention. Always in search of a good time, though, they are very particular about who they hang out with. They tend to be show-offs selfish, and self-centered. They're effective communicators they will often compliment to get a compliment. Horses are very headstrong, quick-minded, incredibly industrious and self-reliant. They love a challenge. They are hard working, creative and they enjoy power. They aren't fond of taking orders and will take control to become a leader. They enjoy making money so finances aren't really an issue. In a relationship they must feel free or they will run.


Sheep are ultra-sensitive, altruistic, compliant, sincere, and gentle. Sheep prefer tranquil, peaceful environments to feel at ease. Due to their sensitivity they are often very creative and artistic. Home alone is where they feel most comfortable. Although they are great listeners, they are fairly passive. They enjoy pondering the inner workings of their minds, getting lost in thought and contemplation. Sheep can brood for days from any kind of criticism. They are prone to pessimism, stress, anger and depression, and often need positive support of friends or their partners to lift their spirits or keep them calm when angered.


Forever playful, Monkeys are the masters of practical jokes. They are insatiably curious and they will try anything once. Extremely intelligent, clever, and innovative, this person will excel in any field. A Monkey will enthusiastically perform a task over and over until it's mastered. They make it their mission to do things better than anyone else. Failure is not in their vocabulary. Monkeys are intensely competitive. They often tend to be too self-centered to care about anyone else, but love to watch people to figure them out. In relationships, they can oftentimes be mischievous, vindictive, and cruel.


Roosters are proud, pompous creatures, brutally honest, forthright, and candid. Cocky and pretentious, Roosters love to strut their stuff. They are not diplomatic they say what they think, and tell you how they feel. They love to talk about themselves and their accomplishments. They are perfectionists very focused and very particular. Roosters can be extremely loyal as friends. But little irritations can really set them off. And when their feathers get ruffled, they become ill tempered, angry and fussy. At this point they have a very hard time calming themselves down or letting go of conflict.


Dogs value friendships; they're loyal, honest, trustworthy, and reliable. They have strong morals and ethics. Ensuring others are happy is more important to them than wealth, money or success. Although Dogs are trustworthy, they have trouble trusting others. They are often insecure, worrisome, and frequently anxious. In this state they can be cold emotionally and very critical. When provoked they can be fiercely mean-spirited and down right nasty. Dogs tend to keep their negative side hidden though so they generally come across as nice, caring and very likeable, though sometimes a little nosy.


Pigs are the nicest people on the planet. They are patient, diligent, and compassionate. They will remain your friend for life. They are selfless, devoted, caring, loving and loyal. They oftentimes have a low self- esteem that is compensated by overachieving and becoming wealthy, successful members of their community, companies, and peer groups. Because they are so generous it's hard for them to say "no" and sometimes others will take advantage of them. When they realize they have been betrayed they can be quite unforgiving, petty and ruthless. Pigs value honesty above all else and cannot tolerate deception.

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